Wednesday 17th May

Let’s talk about plant superpowers! – PERISCOPE:

Thursday 18th May

7.30 UTC: Preparations for Fascination of Plants Day 2017 at Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth – PERISCOPE: &

9.30 UTC: From Models to Crops: moving Arabidopsis genes into Wheat! – PERISCOPE:

10.00 UTC: X-ray Vision – A lab tour of the Hounsfield Facility – PERISCOPE:

10.30 UTC: How many plants are there? – PERISCOPE:

13.30 UTC: The Wollemi Pine at Kew Gardens – PERISCOPE:

13.40 UTC: Carnivorous plants at Kew – PERISCOPE:

13.40 UTC: The coolest plant in the world – PERISCOPE:

13.40 UTC: Argentinian Plant Women Scientists – PERISCOPE:

15.00 UTC: Planting the World in a Garden – PERISCOPE:

15.30 UTC: All about Arabidopsis: A tour of the ABRC seed facilities – PERISCOPE:

16.00 UTC: Fruits and Vegetables in Central California – PERISCOPE:

16.30 UTC: Brilliant Botany Live – PERISCOPE:

17.00 UTC: Brendel’s Anatomical Plant Models – PERISCOPE:

17.00 UTC: Discovering DNA: A tour of the ABRC DNA laboratory – PERISCOPE:

17.00 UTC: Let’s talk about plant superpowers! – PERISCOPE:

17.30 UTC: 25k sq ft of research: Greenhouses/growth chambers at BTI – Facebook link: Boyce Thompson Institute

19.40 UTC: Argentinian Plant Women Scientists 

21.00 UTC: Agriculture in a Box – What’s New in Controlled Environments

22.30 UTC: Plant Adaptability

Friday 19th May

01.00 UTC: Advice from Plants to People

7.50 UTC: Argentinian Plant Women Scientists 

9.00 UTC: The oldest botanic garden tells its history

13.30 UTC: Growing a Loaf (and other Primary School Botany)

13.40 UTC: Argentinian Plant Women Scientists 

14.00 UTC: Plant roots and fungi: A relationship for the ages

16.30 UTC: Ferntastic research of Fay-Wei Li

18.00 UTC: Exploring Maize with Dr. Erich Grotewold

19.40 UTC: Argentinian Plant Women Scientists 


Saturday 20th May

9.00 – 15.00 UTC: Glasgow Botanic Gardens Bicentenary

14.00 UTC: Fascinating Plants and Orchid Discovery!

13.45 UTC: Celebrating plants at the OSU West Campus Science & Technology Festival